Thursday, 21 September 2017

VMC on AWS Demo session from VMworld 2017

VMware Cloud on AWS #LHC1547BU

As an on-premises and Cloud lecturer, I’ve always thought that most companies would leverage both sets of technologies and produce a Hybrid Cloud.

As a VMware specialist, I’ve always thought that one of the strong selling points of VMware was the rich set of management utilities.

I like the thought of cloud services, especially the scalability of services and the thought of not having to worry about my hardware.

I was therefore interested in the VMware VMC on AWS.

With that in mind I attended the #LHC1547BU VMC on AWS fundamentals presented by Oren Root and Matt Dreyer (basically the people that wrote it) session at VMworld 2017.

The session started with an overview and introducing the two companies.

VMware – Leading Compute, Storage and networking capabilities.

AWS – Broadest set of management utilities offering massive flexibility.

The way that the VMC on AWS is sold is as VMware as a Service, the product we already know runs on bare metal and integrates into the AWS services, this allows the use of all the familiar management utilities, the VMware virtual centre software manages on-premises and cloud services in a single HTML5 console.

The VMware product is sold as a suite of products and includes Virtual Centre Server, vSphere, VSAN, and NSX, with communication initially secured with IPSEC all that is needed is a connection (ENI, Elastic Network interface) between VMware and AWS.

Like I’ve mentioned VMware Cloud on AWS is a service and will be provisioned, operated, and maintained directly by VMware, this means a single point of contact for all support.

The above gives the customer Automated account creation and environment provisioning, and automated interconnection between VMware and AWS accounts.

From an operational point of view, the customer benefits from support from VMware directly and this includes ongoing infrastructure monitoring.

If you paid for 4 hosts and you get a tin failure, the host is replaced automatically. Also all patching and software updates are handled automatically.

Flexible consumption models

The pricing is based on hosts and is charged per hour, or the customer can elect a reserved model with discounts for a 1 or 3 year period. The customer also has the option of buying add-on services as and when they are made available.

How does the customer pay? With VMware Subscription Purchasing Program or with VMware Hybrid Publishing Credits, Purchase Orders, or credit card.

VMware also offer a Hybrid Loyalty Program, the advantage of this, is that existing customers get automatic discounts on the licenses.

After the product information we were then treated to the demo.

I’ve also now included the link to the VMworld Session, it is approximately 40 minutes.

I hope this is a great success for both VMware and AWS.