Friday, 13 August 2021

Finding out which VMs have VMtools installed (not PowerCLI)


We’ve been talking about snapshots this week, and as part of the discussions we thought about the question:

How do we list VMs with VMware Tools installed?

My answer, use PowerCLI.

However, some great suggestions came back.

Use life cycle manger. We select the Cluster > Updates > VMware Tools

The Tools Status column then shows as

  • Upgrade Available
  • Guest Managed
  • Not Installed
  • Unknown 
  • Up to Date

The other suggestion, enable the column in the VMware vSphere Client.

By default, we don’t see the column for VMware Tools

Select one of the columns and then select the down arrow, and select View/Hide Columns and then select the VMtools Options, and now you have the view showing VMtools on the VMs