Sunday, 10 September 2017

Nearly time to head off to VMworld Barcelona 2017

Due to work load over the past few years, I've struggled to meet up with my peers as often as I would like.

This year however I have managed to make time to arrange a trip to VMware VMworld 2017 in Barcelona.

I've worked through my check list.

  • Suitcase packed. Well half of it, I'm taking a big suitcase, VMworld always means returning with plenty of goodies.
  • Passport
  • Euros
  • Laptop
  • Phone charged
  • Documents printed
  • Old backpack (chuckable), we get given a nice shiny new one. 
The agenda is a full one.

  • Monday = VCI day, getting to meet up with other VCIs
  • Tuesday = General session and wondering around various talks
  • Wednesday = General session, also pop into Barcelona for meetings
  • Thursday = Try to gain as many freebies as possible in order to fill suitcase
 Hopefully I'll get to meet up with ex-workmates and friends. Also I'll be able to find plenty of stuff to write about.

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