Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Yet another free e-book from VMware - Operationalizing VMware vSAN

Yesterday, I passed my vSAN specialist exam, I read a lot of books etc

Thanks to VMware press for making the Operationalizing VMware vSAN book available as a free PDF download.

Also thanks to Paul Wiggett and Kevin Lees for writing the book

As a key component of VMware’s approach for helping customers evolve to hyper-converged infrastructure, VMware vSAN™ provides an agile, secure, and high performance solution ready for future hardware, cloud, and application changes. But, to fully leverage vSAN’s capabilities in a sustained manner, VMware highly recommends making adjustments allowing you to optimise the way you operate a software-defined infrastructure. This book intends to provide you with guidance and best practices for achieving that optimisation when operating a vSAN- based storage infrastructure. It not only addresses tactical optimisations such as monitoring and troubleshooting
but also those of a more strategic nature such as the people and team considerations as well as supporting ITSM process considerations. By adopting vSAN technology as well as adapting your operational model, you will fully realise the benefits provided by, and leverage your investment in, software-defined storage.

Prepping for my new courses - A site I use massively - VMware docs

I haven't posted for a while, the reason is, I've got a new job role at my company, and I've had a couple of exams to sit.

Moving on, I've still got yet more exams to sit, and I thought, I just create a quick post on a site I find extremely useful, and a site I do mention to my delegates.

The VMware docs website contains all of the references that we, as VCIs mention at the beginning of the courses.

This week, I'm using the NSX docs massively.

So, if you're ever thinking, "Where shall I get some additional information about the stuff Bryan has been talking about this week?"

Visit VMware Docs