Tuesday, 12 September 2017

General session VMworld 2017 barcelona

VMworld General Session Keynote 2017

The session started with VMware telling us about their Inclusion policy, VMware have been at the fore front of promoting Women in IT and why not, the queues for restrooms just go to show that not enough women work in IT, it’s the only place the queues are longer for the gents than they are for the Ladies.

Fortunately, QA seem to also be making headways looking at the QAA apprenticeship schemes split of male vs female.

Pat Gelsinger then took the stage. The big push this year is Enterprise mobility.
With that in mind Airwatch and Workspace One will be big products, this allows for the “Run any Application, one any device, on any Cloud.

With more and more BYOD or mobile devices being consumed by users, VMware feel that IT is now being utilised in different ways to the past, consumers now want data available 24/7 in a way that is accessible easily and securely.

AirWatch is no longer a way to manage purely security of mobile devices, it can now compete with the likes of Microsoft SCCM to give a truly enterprise mobile device management solution.

Workspace One delivers applications to any device, users have a dashboard and they pick their app.

Workspace One allows any app to connect to any device and as such HP are embedding the AirWatch agent into their devices.This also includes VMware Identity management which allows a complete SSO solution which can integrate with Microsoft AD.

The VMware Cloud Foundation solution now includes everything needed for a Private cloud solution, this includes vSphere, VSAN and NSX. 

With VMC on AWS a VMware based hybrid cloud can now be implemented on VMware solutions running in AWS datacentres.

The two main growth areas for VMware are no longer vSphere, but now include VMware NSX (network virtualisation) and VSAN (Software Defined Storage.

We also saw the future of Cloud management which was virtual virtual datacentres, for this demo Pat was given a VR headset, with this he entered the Virtual datacentre, he could see the hosts and see data relating to the hosts, he could interact with the VMs, pick them up, throw them away, or by throwing them at a cloud, VMotion the VM to AWS and then enter the cloud and see the resources.

With Elastic DRS a new host was provisioned and VMs placed automatically onto the new host.

Security was also a keynote, with Appsense changing how security is viewed. The way is to capture the good, and then detect any deviations and then finally respond with automated policies, such as Shutdown a VM.

NSX gives us encryption and VSAN gives us encryption.

Another thought provoking part of the talk was that cloud centralises our data centres, the future will become Edge devices, this will give us distributed clouds which will allow IoT devices to communicate with the cloud, but still be able to process locally, think of a car, you really want the system to process locally, but receive updates etc automatically when required.

As I watch sessions I’ll pass on the information as quickly as I possibly can.