Wednesday, 11 March 2020

VMware vSphere 7 with Kubernetes

As a VMware Instructor and also VMware support professional I talk to a lot of people who are or will be moving towards Modern Applications, and also multi-cloud.

For a lot of these companies, they wish to retain and also develop their existing talent, their also want to build on the investment they have with their existing IT services, but also need to become more competitive in their IT models.

I am a sysops type of IT professional, I work with developers and we want different things, I want an efficient, easy to manage platform, my developer colleagues want a system that is highly flexible and also want the ability to create and deploy applications within their agile methodology.  

With Kubernetes, we have the ability to quickly create and deploy these modern run anywhere apps that will give us that competitive advantage that will drive our companies towards a long and successful future.

As always VMware have given us the resources to learn about not only how these services work, but also why these services may work to our advantage.

Thanks to VMware for producing this 10 page white paper, just click on the link to learn more