Wednesday, 28 February 2018

VMware NSX: What’s New [V6.4] - Elearning - Free course

 VMware NSX: What’s New [V6.4] - Elearning - Free course

This video-based training provides the details of the new features and product enhancements in NSX V6.4.  The course walks you through the benefits of the new features, how to make use of the new functionality, and in some cases, how to troubleshoot these new capabilities.

The course covers the following:
  • Describe the Update Coordinator
  • Plan and upgrade an NSX environment with the Upgrade Coordinator
  • List the changes made to the NSX dashboard
  • Explain how the inclusion of SoftRSS helps layer 2 bridging
  • Describe the changes in HA Failover Operations in NSX V6.4
  • List the L2VPN enhancements made to an edge managed by NSX
  • List the enhancements to IPSec VPN introduced in NSX V6.4
  • Describe the use cases for context-aware firewall
  • Describe the use cases for enhanced IDFW framework
The course is broken down into 5 modules and is covered in 1 hour of self paced learning.

Module 1: Upgrade Coordinator
Module 2: Logical Routing Enhancements
Module 3: VPN Enhancements
Module 4: NSX Security
Module 5: Serviceability and Operations

Monday, 26 February 2018

VMworld 2017 - SER1143BE - A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality

Today I've been playing with vSAN and as part of the course I present, there is a section on various type of VMware storage.

I find that some people have a good understanding of vSphere core storage functionality and some people don't (not a problem).

With the above in mind, I usually point people towards a VMworld session by Cormac Hogan and Cody Hosterman

VMworld 2017 - SER1143BE - A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality

The session covers
  • Limits
  • VMFS-6
  • VAAI (ATS Miscompare and UNMAP)
  • SPBM (SIOCv2 and vSphere VM Encryption) 
  • NFS v4.1
  • iSCSI
  • NVMe
 Worth a look

Sunday, 25 February 2018

vSAN Essentials 6.2 ebook

On Thursday 22nd February 2018 I attended the North East of England VMUG meeting, and we were lucky to have two keynote speakers from VMware, Frank Denneman and also Duncan Epping.

Both gave some great insights to their product specialisms within VMware.

I got to catch up with both, and Duncan passed on the link to the following book.

vSAN Essentials 6.2 written by Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan

All Duncan and Cormac ask in that by allowing the free download of their book, that you pay it forward.

"We decided to give the book away for free. If you enjoy the book we hope you will consider donating to charity. It doesn't matter how small or how big the amount is, all donations help! Two of our suggestions, and non-profits we personally support are, and of course helping them would be appreciated by us."

Also if you're around the North East (Newcastle upon Tyne UK), the VMUG event takes place 20th September 2018,

Saturday, 24 February 2018

HOL-1801-02-CMP - vRealize Suite Standard - Automated and Proactive Management

This week I've been looking the VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [6.5] course

In one of the modules we discuss Predictive DRS

There's no lab for this functionality, but VMware have created a Hands on Lab bit of functionality.

HOL-1801-02-CMP - vRealize Suite Standard - Automated and Proactive Management which is available on their HOL website available at the following link:

Hands on Labs site

Here's the description from the lab.

"vRealize Operations works in conjunction with vSphere to automatically balance workloads between hosts both within and across clusters to alleviate existing or predicted resource contention."

The lab is broken down into the following 2 modules

  1. Module 1 - Automated workload placement and predictive DRS
  2. Module 2 -Automated remediation of issues

The lab takes approximately 90 minutes, definitely worth a look if you're interested in the Predictive DRS feature.

For a copy of the lab manual

Friday, 23 February 2018

VMware AirWatch Fundamentals - Free elearning

VMware AirWatch Fundamentals - Free elearning is now available from VMware

The course covers the following:

This course is an introductory product training that presents the basic architecture and demonstrates the features that deliver on the most common use cases for the VMware AirWatch product.

After completing this course, you should be able to:
  • Explain the role AirWatch plays in the digital workspace
  • Choose the best AirWatch deployment solution based on the requirements of an organization
  • Recognize ways in which IT administrators can use AirWatch to:
    • Streamline endpoint activation
    • Configure settings and policies, applications, and endpoint controls
    • Maintain endpoint security and data loss protection
    • Simplify management and support
    • Leverage VMware resources to learn more about the AirWatch solution
The course is broken down into 8 modules and is delivered as a 2 hour self paced course.

  1. VMware AirWatch Fundamentals
  2. VMware AirWatch and the Digital Workspace
  3. AirWatch Deployment and Initial Configuration
  4. Endpoint Activation, Configuration, and Security
  5. Use Case 1: BYOD Management 
  6. Line of Business Devices
  7. Endpoint Management and Support
  8. Conclusion

Thursday, 22 February 2018

VMware Horizon Cloud Fundamentals - Free elearning

The VMware Horizon Cloud Fundamentals - free elearning course is available from VMware.

The course cover the following:

This eLearning course provides information on how VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ helps IT meet the expectations of today’s mobile workforce. This course explains the architecture, features, benefits, and functionality of the two service offerings of Horizon Cloud: VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ with Hosted Infrastructure and VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ with On-Premises Infrastructure.  This course also demonstrates how to install an agent and create a desktop image.

The course is broken down into the following 5 models and is covered in 3 hours of self paced learning.

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Overview of Horizon Cloud
  3. Introduction to Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure
  4. Introduction to Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure
  5. Administration of Horizon Cloud 
The future is hybrid cloud, as people keep telling me.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

VMware Cloud Briefing - Online event

I present a lot of courses, as an instructor/trainer/lecturer I cover VMware, Microsoft, AWS, and CompTIA products and courses.

My companies purely cloud trainers say that everyone in the future will use hosted cloud products, the infrastructure trainers say they can't understand why companies would move to the cloud.

I think personally that a hybrid approach works well in most companies.

I always ask. "Who will move entirely to the public cloud?" Very few people hold up their hands.

Ask the question. "Who can see the benefits to their company of a hybrid approach?" Every hand is held high in the sky.

With that in mind I've been looking at the VMware VMC on AWS offering and, being completely bias towards anything VMware (apologies), I have to say, this works well for me.

Now onto the reason for this post.

VMware Cloud Briefing - Online event

Tune in on March 7 to hear from VMware and AWS Executives on the next important milestone in the VMware Cloud strategy. They'll be sharing essential updates, demos and partner program news.

So, if you're free on 7th March 2018 4PM onwards, then why not sign up.

There's 5 sessions:

  1. Keynote with Pat Gelsinger
  2. VMware Cloud Launch Milestones
  3. VMware Cloud Use Cases and Integrated Demos
  4. Global Cloud Trends
  5. VMware Cloud Market Momentum
You may even win $800 of AWS credits.

vSphere Central - a one-stop shop for original and curated technical VMware content

This week I'm prepping various Fast Track VMware courses, this involves a lot of reading and watching of sessions, videos, etc.

I do like it, when content is easy to locate, this week, I've been using the following resource.

VMware vSphere Central

Currently the site is  broken down into the following sections.

  • vCenter Server
  • Security
  • ESXi host and Virtual Machine
  • Resource Management and Availability
  • Operations Management
  • Developer and Automation Interfaces
From my point of view, lots of things to pass on to anybody that's interested

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Platform Service Controller - FAQ (VMware)

When I teach the various VMware courses, I get a lot of questions related to the PSC or Platform Service Controller.

The Platform Service Controller includes a set of common infrastructure services and these are listed below.

  • VMware vCenter Single Sign-On
  • VMware License Server
  • Lookup Service
  • VMware Certificate Authority
  • Certificate Store
  • VMware Directory Services
A useful document I find for reference is the:

vSphere 6.x – Platform Services Controller (PSC) FAQ

Definitely worth a look

Thursday, 1 February 2018

UK North East VMUG Meeting 22nd February 2018

Are you a member of the VMware Users Group? Do you live in the North East of England

If the answer to the above questions are yes, then why not sign up for the latest VMUG meeting.

The meeting will take place

February 22 08:45 - 17:00

Royal Station Hotel
Neville Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Newcastle, NE1 5DH

The speakers that have been confirmed are.

Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping, Mark Brookfield, Tim Hynes, and Katarina Wagnerova

If all goes to plan, see you there.

To register visit the VMUG website