Thursday, 10 October 2019

Pursuing a Career in Cloud?

As a member of the Cloud Credential Council Expert Panel I have an interest in the future and uses of the cloud, not only from the technical point of view, but also from a business advantage point of view.

Here's some thoughts.

Thoughts on a Career Move

If you are looking at a career in IT perhaps you’ve noticed that the Cloud is with us, and it is very unlikely to ever leave us now, companies are investing millions in the Cloud.

Once the services are up and running and companies see the flexibility to deliver services to their staff, due to the Global nature of the cloud , companies can truly deliver any service, to any user, on any device, they can also ensure that the service is secure, redundant and perform to the highest levels.

Developers can now write applications that can run on any platform, this can be achieved with containers, think of a shipping company, the ship doesn’t care what’s in the container, the container is designed to fit any ship, and the container can be easily moved between those ships, we have the same ability in IT with technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

How can Cloud Credential Council help you in your new career

The Cloud Credential Council is a leading provider of vendor-neutral certification programs that empower IT and business professionals in their digital transformation journey. The CCC has been supporting the professional development of professionals since 2013, and has delivered certifications in over 75 countries across all types of industries and governmental agencies.  

A nice quote from Mark O’Loughlin CCC Managing Director, “It is the CCC’s mission to prepare the global workforce to deal with disruptors and challenges, and make them digital ready professionals. Therefore, our mantra is, are you Digital Ready?”

Three Steps to Certification with The Cloud Credential Council

Step 1: Choose your Certification
Step 2: Start Learning and Training
Step 3: Pass the Certification Exam

Into the Future

Every journey starts with a single step, and a career in IT is a continuing journey, the Cloud is dynamic and changes at a rapid rate, the advantage of the cloud is it’s flexibility, but the downside is also it’s flexibility, with the Cloud you are always learning, new skills are obtained daily, and seeing how these technologies can enable the business to have that competitive edge is the real challenge.

Good luck to you , and enjoy the challenging and rewarding career you have chosen.