Thursday, 5 October 2017

VMware Workstation 14 and VMware Fusion 10 now available

I use VMware workstation on a regular basis, I use it to develop VMs for production, but also use it as an education aid, I create VMs for courses I run, but also to learn new products.

Yes, I also have a fairly hefty VMware vSphere setup, but I can't really carry that on my laptop.

I've used Fusion before in the past at companies that use Microsoft Windows, but wanted a nice shiny Apple MAC sitting on the front desks.

The new versions of VMware's Client hypervisor are as follows.

VMware Workstation 14 Pro

  • Run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same PC
  • Choose from hundreds of support Guest and Host OS's
  • Ready for the latest releases of Windows 10
  • Create restricted and expiring VMs
  • Run VMware Workstation Pro as a server to share virtual machines with others
  • Support for virtual tablet sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope and compass
  • Move and access your virtual machines easily across VMware infrastructure
VMware Fusion 10 Pro

  • Designed for MAC OS High Sierra and ready for the latest releases of Windows 10
  • Run nearly any operating system on the Mac without rebooting
  • Create linked clones to save time and disk space
  • Create custom virtual networking configurations to simulate complex web or cloud environments
  • Connect to vSphere to run, download or upload virtual machines
  • Create restricted virtual machines that can expire
For more information visit the VMware product page at the VMware Product Store