Monday, 2 October 2017

Moving to the Public Cloud with VMware - eBooks and papers

A lot of companies have invested in either an on-premises or private cloud, a lot of these companies wish to embrace the hybrid cloud.

However, they do not want to eliminate the investment they have already made, with this in mind it makes sense to take what they have, to take what they know and transition some of their services, with minimal fuss, and minimal learning curve.

I have used VMware product now for many years, I find them robust and easy to use.

Therefore, I like VMware's push for hybrid cloud and collaboration with the four big cloud providers.

Take a look at the following link and download the various papers and eBooks. 

  • Ready Your Environment for Public Cloud.
  • Modernize Infrastructure: Support Digital Evolution in the Multi-Cloud Era.
  • Prepare for the Public Cloud by Modernizing Your Infrastructure