Friday, 13 October 2017

Virtualising Exchange Server 2016 on VMware vSphere 6.x

This week I have been delivering a Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Administration course, to be precise the M20345-1 : Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

Exchange Server 2016 is the first version in which all the components and roles are officially supported for virtualisation.

The course covers virtualising Exchange Server 2016 on Hyper-V, but as you can imagine, not VMware.

With this in mind I decided to provide a link to the Microsoft Exchange Server on VMware vSphere Best Practices Guide.

The guide has 58 pages and comes in PDF format.

This guide provides best practice guidelines for deploying Exchange Server 2016 on vSphere. The recommendations in this guide are not specific to any particular hardware nor to the size and scope of any particular Exchange implementation. The examples and considerations in this document provide guidance but do not represent strict design requirements, because the flexibility of Exchange Server 2016 on vSphere allows for a wide variety of valid configurations.

The guide covers, configuring not only the VM that will run Microsoft Exchange Server, but also Networking, and storage best practices

Definitely worth a read.