Friday, 20 October 2017

Operationalizing VMware NSX - VMware Press Book

One of the things that's an expectation of my job is that, I'm going to have to do a lot of reading.

Also that I'm going to stand in front of people and talk a lot.

The vast majority of the VMware courses I now deliver involve talking about VMware NSX, and why not? It's a good product.

Thanks to those lovely people at VMware Press for making the following book available for download.

Operationalizing VMware NSX - VMware Press Book, written by Kevin Lees

The book covers the following over 94 pages.

Introduction from the book itself.

"Operationalizing VMware NSX® offers guidance to management-level decision makers and influencers concerned with the impact of VMware NSX on their organization, staff, and operational processes. It also speaks to engineers and technical decision makers responsible for optimizing operational tooling in a VMware NSX environment.
Operationalizing VMware NSX provides the information needed to optimize the on-going operations of a VMware NSX environment. 
Specific areas examined include the critical aspects of team structure, culture, roles, responsibilities, and skillsets. 
Additional guidance is provided for operational processes, monitoring, and troubleshooting in a VMware NSX environment."