Wednesday, 27 September 2017

VMworld Session - STO7645 - Virtual Volumes Deep Dive

One of the topics that we cover on quite a few of the VMware courses that I deliver is VVOLs or Virtual Volumes.

VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes introduces a storage abstraction layer that provides a common storage platform that is independent of the underlying hardware.

The services that are provided by the abstraction layer are the same regardless of the underlying resources.

Virtual volumes provide a common storage platform, independent of the underlying storage hardware.
Thanks to VMware for the image

The advantages this gives us as administrators is as follows:

  • Native representation of VMDKs on SAN/NAS: 
  • No LUNs or volume management.
  • Works with existing SAN/NAS systems.
  • A new control path for data operations at the VM/VMDK level.
  • Snapshots, replications, and other operations at the VM level on external storage.
  • Automates control of per-VM service levels.
  • VMware vSphere® API for Storage Awareness™ protocol endpoint provides standard protocol access to storage.
  • Storage containers can span an entire array.
However, I always find I don't get time to cover the VVOLs to the level I would like (VCIs do like to talk about VMware).

I attended VMworld and the VVOL deep dive session was one of the sessions on my list.

The session is hosted by Patrick Dirks and Pete Flecha. Worth a watch