Thursday, 28 September 2017

VMworld 2017 - LHC3371BUC - The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud

As an instructor in various technologies, I stand in front of delegates and talk about Private clouds, and public clouds, but for the path for businesses I deal with, inevitability ends up at, we'll use a hybrid cloud.

People want to keep some services locally, whether that be they don't trust the cloud, or they may have a large investment in their on-premises private cloud, or in reality if thy're like me, they just think that VMware does it really well.

One of the solutions that interests me is the VMC on AWS, probably because I work for a training company that delivers VMware, Microsoft, AWS, and Google technologies, so I like to see what we can provide as a business, as well as a technology solution.

One of the sessions at VMworld that interested me was the LHC3371BUC session, titled "The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud"

The session is presented by Eric Hanselman and Andy Reedy

Just follow the link in order to watch the session at your leisure.

LHC3371BUC - The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud