Tuesday, 27 August 2019

VMworld 2019 - General Session 1 - Summary

VMworld General Session 26/8/19 Make your mark

Pat started with this sessions theme which is Tech in The Age of Any ,

In this first General Session, Pat Gelsinger introduced us to the new members of the VMware family.

These are:

The world’s most established companies run on Pivotal. The results are transformational. Through adoption of our platform, tools, and methodology, these companies have unleashed innovation and reduced time-to-market, spending less to maintain their existing application portfolio. Results span industries, including automotive, financial services, industrial, media, retail, government, technology, and telecommunications.

Building software that matters - Our cloud-native platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, enables developers to spend more time writing code, and operators to improve security and uptime. Together, these teams deliver greater business value at lower costs.

Solving Security As A Big Data Problem - Cybersecurity has become a big data problem. Solving it requires sophisticated analytics and the computational power and agility of the cloud. With the CB Predictive Security Cloud platform, we are transforming cybersecurity with a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

Digital Life vs Daily Life has Now become Digital Life

In the past we used to have set times for email, work and using tech, then as time progresses digital assistants came along allowing us to access email on the go. We then had the advent of the smart phone, which gave us full internet access.

Wearables came into play allowing us to monitor texts, emails, health, and then take that data and push it to the cloud, this allows us to analyse data and make decisions based on that data, whether that be investments, or figuring out how to lose that weight and become healthier.

However, this leads to us always being “on”, and sometimes never taking the time to just relax.

Apps Everywhere

In 2009 there was approximately 52 Million Apps in the World, with 5 Million App Developers, move forward to 2019 and now we have 335 Million Apps, with 13.5 Million App Developers, moving forward 5 years and we think there will be 792 Million Apps.

VMware in the Cloud

VMware are developing Cloud technologies such as 5G, Edge Computing and AI, and redefining what’s possible for applications.

VMware are firmly committed in using tech for good, and as such support many companies that do good, such as Mercyships and Angel MedFlight

VMware has a vision of Any Device, running any app, on any cloud, and as such VMware believe that technologists who master multi-cloud will own the next decade.

VMware have enhanced their multi-cloud strategy to work alongside AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud, allowing apps to be built, ran, managed, connected, and protected on any cloud.

VMware and Kubernetes

Joe Beda, who was one of the original developers and adopters of Kubernetes joined Pat to explain that Kubernetes was developed to bridge the gap between Developers and Operation teams, VMware are working to produce platforms that are flexible and easy to develop.

VMware Tanzu allows Modern Apps to be built with Pivotal and Bitnami, and ran on vSphere with Project Pacific which will run Kubernetes natively within vSphere clusters and finally Managed with Kubernetes for developers AND IT using VMware Tanzu Mission Control, which will in turn manage Kubernetes on any platform.

Cloud Health by VMware

Last year VMware acquired CloudHealth, the product is a multi-cloud management solution and currently has 7000+ customers, $10B+ services under management and gives customers on average a 25% cost save.

VMware today announced CloudHealth Hybrid, this platform will provide Cost and Visibility, Governance and Security, Automation, and Service integration with Private cloud in the form od VMware vSphere, and also Public Cloud with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM.

VMware explain their thoughts on the differences between Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Multi-Cloud – Diverse Infrastructure, across multiple clouds

Hybrid-Cloud – Consistent Infrastructure, across connected clouds.

VMware have developed VMware Cloud Foundation for their Hybrid-Cloud Solution, bringing together vSphere the leading hypervisor for compute, vSAN the leading HCI software and appliance for storage, NSX the leading software defined networking product, and vRealize , the leading Cloud Multi-Platform management solution.

VMware VMC on AWS is now the leading Hybrid-Cloud solution, as customers now what to both modernise and migrate, VMware Cloud allows companies to migrate to the cloud with No downtime, No refactoring, and No retraining, using the Same tools, the Same policies and, the Same skills.

VMware have also announced Azure VMware Solutions Global availability, which is now available in US West, US East, and West Europe, soon tobe available in US West 2, South Central, Northern Europe, and South East Asia, and finally available in Canada and Japan in 2020.

VMware have also released VMware Hybrid Cloud Services to allow management of clouds across multiple providers.

 VMware in the Edge and also with Telcos

What is the Edge, it’s where the physical and digital worlds interact, and provides, distributed, low-latency infrastructure located close to where data is created, processed, protected, and/or consumed.

VMware provides various technologies to run and manage Edge Solutions, such as Pulse IoT Center and NSX, SD-WAN by VeloCloud, and VMware Network Functionalisation.

5G has moved from hardware based and is utilising virtualisation to run the services with products such as VMware Uhana

VMware are now using NSX-T to connect both VMware and non-VMware systems together. NSX-T provides firewall, load balancing and other networking services fully in software. NSX customers are seeing a 59% reduction on CAPEX costs, and a 55% improvement in OPEX.

VMware Digital Workspace

VMware Workspace One is a product that allows management and security of multi-device , and multi-operating systems including IOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome, VMware wants all employees worldwide to use Workspace One

Companies are being asked Why invest in Digital Employee Experience? Answer is companies that do, are more likely to be an industry leader, are more likely to be a growth company, and are more likely to have a positive Employee Net Promotor Score.

Workspace one virtual assistant

Is a product that starts from the job offer letter, the new start downloads Workspace One Virtual assistant and this allows the new start to be ready for their first day, this includes allowing them to select their new laptop, accessories, and even their type of desk.

On the first day the new start receives digital notification to activate their full company portal access, this includes apps, team members, and FAQ sections for the company.

Intrinsic Security

Today there is over 5000 security companies in IT , VMware believe their must be a better way, and their solution should be security on any device, in any App, on any cloud.

There are five points of intrinsic Security.

·         Endpoint – Devices
·         Identity – Users
·         Endpoint – Workload
·         Cloud
·         Network

VMware now provide Carbon Black. The leader in Endpoint Detection Response. This is an AI enabled Data lake and provides Endpoint Protection Response, Next-Gen AV, Device control, Rogue device detection, audit and remediation, compliance reporting, and managed detection.

VMware are going to add in App defence and vulnerability management. VMware also plan to integrate the product with vSphere allowing agentless workload security.

VMware are also going to integrate Carbon Black into Workspace One.

VMware are also going to integrate Carbon Black with NSX

VMware also plan to allow their products to also secure the hardware running software with their partnership with Dell and other VARs.

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