Wednesday, 28 August 2019

VMworld 2019 The digital workspace keynote my notes

VMware The Digital Workspace Keynote

Speakers Noah Wasmer, Shankar Iyer, and Shawn Bass

All images were sourced from VMware

This session was all about empowering the workforce, due to disruption the average worker loses a day and a half per year due to inefficient digital tools.

Another startling figure is that companies with highly engaged workforces out perform their peers by +147% earnings and market share.

Also as mentioned in Finance Digest Magazine, “Employee Experience: New way to win the war for talent” , it’s not all about the money, work has to be engaging and the company must make the environment easy for staff to do their job.

Services in The Cloud

VMware now have 100% of their Global SaaS Services Workspace ONE Ready.

Horizon On-Prem is a cloud ready VDI solution and now has the ability to have your VDI solution running on public cloud, whether that be AWS, Microsoft Azure or IBM Softlayer, and these vendors provide 25 datacenter locations globally to run this service.

Automation is key with the cloud, and with Workspace ONE Intelligence monthly over 450 billion data points are analysed to create a more secure environment for services.

Any Device, Any App, Any Cloud          

As technology evolves , users will require apps to allow them to be productive, today that may be on Windows, tomorrow it may be Chrome OS, in the future that may be Apple, but we as the IT team need to support all technologies easily and efficiently so that users do not suffer dips in productivity.

This is where VMware Workspace ONE comes into play.

Workspace ONE allows for the abstraction of Digital Silos and allows a unified workspace that gives a great experience to users, allows the support of any device, with any OS, running any app, in any location, it reduces the cost of management and maintenance, and increases the security of those devices.

The five pillars of Workspace ONE

1.    Enhanced customer experience
2.    Modern management
3.    Simplified VDI
4.    Real time insights
5.    Automation

With Workspace ONE the Intelligence-Driven Workspace comes to life, by redefining modern management, Simplifying App and Desktop Virtualisation, and finally Delivering Transformational Employee Experiences.

Redefining Modern Management

This involves radical simplification through intelligent automation.

Users and businesses can expect.

Day 0 Productivity, Actionable insights, software is always up to date, users gain self-service empowerment, and we implement zero-trust security, and this can all be managed from the cloud.

With the partnership with Dell, not only does VMware software have it’s place, but Dell can also offer Ready-to-Work experience, Zero touch restores, and trusted software authority, adding deployment technologies to the mix. This also allows management of devices below the operating system.

This will allow a device to be delivered and ready to go out of the box in minutes, by using Dell factory and Workspace ONE. Delivering a true Ready-to-Work experience.

VMware have also introduced Industry baselines for Windows 10, allows Microsoft baseline support, supported 3rd party baselines, custom baselines or industry standards baselines such as HIPAA. This also gives 100% GPO support.

As Microsoft give you a new OS every 6 months VMware are also supplying functionality to ensure app compatibility across different versions of Windows, and allows insights to see which devices will run new apps and which ones won’t, reports can then be generated in order to resolve these issues.

Workspace ONE also provides vulnerability lists imported direct from NIST, and gives extensive dashboards that allow remediation of these vulnerabilities automatically.

Workspace ONE added Device Support

Security Within the New Workspace

It has been reported that now 50% of workers work outside the walls of the traditional office, and this creates new security issues, as we now have moved the traditional perimeter of the office.

On average users also have multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets, and they want the same user experience regardless of which device they have at that moment.

With these new devices come new attacks, have stated that on a daily basis more than 350,000 new attacks are being registered.

What is zero trust security? It’s that “trust no one” Workspace one protects the 4 main attack vectors.

Workspace ONE also allows for partner integration, such as Okta which allows device trust capabilities.

Simplifying Virtual and Physical Modern Management

Workspace ONE allows for Modern Management with virtual Apps and Desktops, this is achieved by leveraging automated setups, always up to date operating systems and apps, all managed from a single console, and managed with comprehensive insights, and automation delivered as a cloud service.
VMware with Horizon 7 are expanding existing VMware Horizon deployments across multiple clouds.

We start with Workspace ONE Intelligence and Insights, this sits with VMware Horizon Cloud Management Console, which provides

·         Desktop and App Management
·         Automated Install
·         Service Updates
·         Monitoring and analytics
·         License Management
·         System Health

On-prem Horizon can talk to the cloud with the cloud connector, Horizon can also be installed with VMC on AWS, or Microsoft Azure, or future locations.

VMware Horizon also supports up to 10 users collaborating by sharing the same desktop, leveraging technology such as NVIDIA.

Workspace ONE can allowing mixing virtual and physical desktop support as a unified service with Workspace ONE Intelligence Insights and Automation.

This gives the following functionality.

·         Over-the-air OS and Application updates.
·         Unified policy management.
·         A single pane for endpoint health.

Delivering Employee Experiences that Drive Transformation

Making sure that employees are ready to go on day 0, and also within their first month is important to recruiting the best talent, but also ensuring they have a productive environment in which to thrive.

VMware have now delivered Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub which delivers a great employee experience with IT flexibility, allowing support for both BYOD and company owned devices.