Friday, 2 August 2019

My Journey to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

My Journey to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Over the years I have worked with the cloud, I started in 1987 with a mainframe, this consisted of a central datacentre, and users accessing services via a TCP/IP network.

I then moved to Novell networks, Microsoft networks.

Then in 1999 I started using VMware products, and created my first “private cloud”, I worked with vCloud Director, vSphere, and VMware Cloud Foundation.

My first look at Public Cloud came with Microsoft Azure, then AWS.

I then started to get involved with VMware Cloud on AWS.

This prompted me to start my journey to GCP.

Fortunately, I work for QA Training, and as such I have access to a variety of training materials as QA are a Google training partner

Also, within the QA family we have Cloud Academy, who offer some excellent self-paced content on GCP.

As with any journey it starts with the first step, and even though I’ve worked with Clouds for many years, I’m going to start at the beginning with:

As I go, I’ll post more of my thoughts and map out my journey.

Have a great one, as always, I’m #alwayslearning.