Tuesday, 25 September 2018

VMware Cloud on AWS course now available

VMware have now released their VMC on AWS course

The course is 3 days in length and can be attended either in classroom, onsite, or Live on Line

This three-day course teaches you skills for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure. Through a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, you deploy and manage the VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware vSphere® features that build a foundation for a hybrid infrastructure. You also discuss when and where these features have the greatest effect. Anyone planning to migrate, build, or hybridize with VMware Cloud on AWS can benefit from this course.


1  Course Introduction
2  Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS
3  Deploying an SDDC
4  VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage
5  VMware Cloud on AWS: Networking
6  Working with On-Premises VMware vSphere
7  VMware Cloud on AWS Permissions and Security
8  Scaling the SDDC and Host Management
9  Virtual Machine Management
10  Working with Other AWS Services
11  Using Other VMware Products with the SDDC
12  Maintaining and Troubleshooting VMware Cloud on AWS

For more information visit VMware Education website