Sunday, 16 September 2018

Free eBook from VMware - Network Virtualisation for Dummies 2nd Edition

I have to say, I like free stuff, my delegates like free stuff, so thanks to VMware for more free stuff.

VMware have very kindly made available for download  a free ebook called Network Virtualisation For Dummies 2nd Generation.

The book covers the following, straight from the introduction of the book.

"Before we get to the heart of the matter of network virtualisation,
let us briefly describe some topics that we cover within these
pages. All the following requirements build the case for moving
out of the hardwired network past and into the flexible world of
network virtualization, which we describe in depth in Chapter 1:
The network needs to move as fast as the business.
Network security needs to move faster than cybercriminals do.
Applications need the flexibility to run anywhere.
So, how do you get there? The first step is to immerse yourself in
the concepts of this new approach to networking. That’s what this
book is all about."

The book contains six chapters over 79 pages and was written by Jonathan Morin and Shinie Shaw.

Definitely worth a look.