Thursday, 7 October 2021

VMworld 2021 Imagine That - Raghu Raghuram General session overview


This years VMworld, was again a virtual event, and the theme of this year’s VMworld was multi-cloud.

In his general session Raghu Raghuram – CEO VMware laid out his vision for the future of multi-cloud technology, providing a view into the innovations VMware is driving at the intersection of clouds and apps. He explored how leading organizations are challenging the status quo to move fast, gain competitive advantage and stay secure.

VMware have moved quickly from an on-premises virtualisation company to a leader in multi-cloud, as companies transition from mono-cloud, one public cloud to a true multi-cloud technology, VMware are there to ease the transition.

Companies now have choice, don’t pick one cloud, pick the cloud/clouds that best suit your applications and business needs.

The two main drivers for multi-cloud are.

  •   “I want to innovate using ‘best of the best’ services from different clouds.”
  •  “I want to avoid lock in to one cloud, and have the freedom to move apps when needed.”

VMware’s analysis shows that:

  •  464 Average number of applications used in a typical enterprise company
  • 75% of businesses now use 2 or more public clouds
  •  40% moving to 3 or more public clouds, sovereign clouds, or service providers

The challenge becomes, “how do I manage, secure, and utilise this diverse set of technologies/clouds?”

We are therefore presented with some options, do we prioritise developer autonomy or DevSecOPs efficiency, do we prioritise Enterprise apps on any cloud, or full control with cost savings, and finally, do we prioritise anywhere access for employees, or world class security?

VMware believe we should have it all.

VMware move to Chapter 3

·         Chapter 1 – Virtualisation Leader

·         Chapter 2 – Private cloud leader with Software Defined Datacentre

·         Chapter 3 – Multi-Cloud and application leader

In the session, Raghu introduced VMware Cross-Cloud Services – more information in upcoming posts

  • ·        Application Platform – Tanzu Application Platform
  • ·         Cloud Infrastructure – Project Artic
  • ·         Cloud Management – Project Ensemble
  • ·         Security and Networking – Service Mesh and Kubernetes Security
  • ·         Anywhere Workspace and Edge – VMware Edge Compute Stack

Watch out for more information on these new products coming from VMware