Monday, 1 April 2019

VMware - IT Automation for Dummies iPaper

One of the recurring topics in a lot of the cloud courses I teach now is DevOps, or for IT automation.

A lot of traditional IT support staff may see this as putting them out of a job, but I see it more as, making the IT department more efficient.

A lot of us work more hours than we're paid for, so IT automation allows us to regain some of that time.

The fantastic people at VMware have produced a 6 page iPaper entitled:

IT Automation for Dummies - written by Tracie Stamm and David Zolnier

Here's a little bit to wet the appetite.

"Automation is quickly becoming the key industry standard to achieve the agility required for faster access to IT resources. Automation helps organisations accelerate IT service delivery by automating the configuration and provisioning of the networking, security, and infrastructure components that support application development."