Wednesday, 21 February 2018

VMware Cloud Briefing - Online event

I present a lot of courses, as an instructor/trainer/lecturer I cover VMware, Microsoft, AWS, and CompTIA products and courses.

My companies purely cloud trainers say that everyone in the future will use hosted cloud products, the infrastructure trainers say they can't understand why companies would move to the cloud.

I think personally that a hybrid approach works well in most companies.

I always ask. "Who will move entirely to the public cloud?" Very few people hold up their hands.

Ask the question. "Who can see the benefits to their company of a hybrid approach?" Every hand is held high in the sky.

With that in mind I've been looking at the VMware VMC on AWS offering and, being completely bias towards anything VMware (apologies), I have to say, this works well for me.

Now onto the reason for this post.

VMware Cloud Briefing - Online event

Tune in on March 7 to hear from VMware and AWS Executives on the next important milestone in the VMware Cloud strategy. They'll be sharing essential updates, demos and partner program news.

So, if you're free on 7th March 2018 4PM onwards, then why not sign up.

There's 5 sessions:

  1. Keynote with Pat Gelsinger
  2. VMware Cloud Launch Milestones
  3. VMware Cloud Use Cases and Integrated Demos
  4. Global Cloud Trends
  5. VMware Cloud Market Momentum
You may even win $800 of AWS credits.