Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Free ebook from VMware - Accelerating Digital Transformation with Containers and Kubernetes

Even as a trainer/lecturer firmly entrenched in the sysop mould, even I have to now concern myself with the move to Devop, on the majority of systems and infrastructure courses I now deliver, we cover containers.

I see the point, I see how they can make our lives easy, I can see how system become more fluid and dynamic.

But!!!!!! I've worked in IT since 1986 and my stereotypical view of developers still exists, these are people who sit in cupboards, have no communication skills and hate the sun light.

Fortunately my views are now be challenged, and at the company I work for, we deliver award winning apprenticeship programs, and seeing the next generation of IT professionals coming through I can see that my stereotypical view of developers is outdated.

VMware have kindly produced a free eBook entitled:

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Containers and Kubernetes

The book is written by Steve Hoenisch and covers.

From the introduction in the book:

Digital transformation, the commoditization of IT, the Internet of things,
the proliferation of mobile devices, the growing popularity of public
clouds, big data, and other seismic technological changes are radically
altering the way businesses are run. Innovative software applications
are, for many businesses, a critical objective. Consumers, customers, and
keeping ahead of the competition demand it.

But one-time innovation is often not enough. The digital era calls for
continuous innovation at an accelerated pace—and the kind of modernized
data centers and software development technologies that make it

Container technology can help transform a company into a digital
enterprise focused on delivering innovations at the speed of business.
Containers package applications and their dependencies into a distributable
image that can run almost anywhere, streamlining the development
and deployment of software.

By adopting containers, organizations can take a vital step toward
remaking themselves into flexible, agile digital enterprises capable of
accelerating the delivery of innovative products, services, and customer
experiences. Enterprises can become the disrupters instead of the disrupted.
But containers create technology management problems of their own,
especially when containerized applications need to be deployed and
managed at scale, and that’s when Kubernetes comes into play. Kubernetes
automates the deployment and management of containerized
applications. More specifically, Kubernetes orchestrates containerized
applications to manage and automate resource utilization, failure handling,
availability, configuration, desired state, and scalability.

This book introduces you to containers and Kubernetes, explains their
business value, explores their use cases, and illuminates how they can
accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.