Monday, 15 October 2018

Free eBook from VMware - Modern PC Management

VMware have very kindly made available another free ebook entitled:

Modern PC Management for Dummies

The book covers the following:

This is straight from the Intro page.

"Welcome to Modern PC Management For Dummies, your guide to effectively managing desktop, mobile, and rugged devices in the heterogeneous world of today’s  business IT.
First of all, what do we mean by “modern PC management”? In the context of this book, PC management refers to an IT department’s ability to effectively commission, support, and decommission computing devices assigned to individual users. The old methods that IT departments of the past have employed just aren’t cutting it anymore; modern solutions are needed to address today’s management issues.

Modern management brings the efficiency of mobile device management (MDM) with the full breath of capabilities of PC lifecycle management (PCLM) to enable UEM via a digital workspace platform. The digital workspace collapses the silos between mobile and desktop management and even line‐of‐business application management to enable all devices."

The book comprises of 5 chapters over 58 pages and is authored by Kevin Strohmeyer, Aditya Kunduri, and Justin Grimsley

Definitely worth a read.