Monday, 8 January 2018

Introduction to Network Virtualization with NSX - Free E-Learning

This week we're currently looking at Software Defined Networking and looking the built in functionality of the vSphere Standard and Distributed switches.

However VMware have their NSX product and I always encourage people to look at products that may make their systems and operations more efficient.

With this in mind I's recommend looking at the following free course:

Introduction to Network Virtualization with NSX

The course is free of charge and only takes 3 hours to work through and covers the following topics.

  • Explain the role of network virtualization in the software-defined data center
  • Explain the fundamentals of physical networking
  • Obtain an overview of vSphere networking
  • Explain the architecture, features, and use cases of NSX


  • Evolution of the Software-Defined Data Center
  • Introduction to Physical Networking
  • Introduction to vSphere Networking
  • Introduction to NSX